Rules for Applications

Rules governing the Yitpi Foundation Research Awards and Grants

  1. Application for a Research Award or Grant shall be invited on a southern Australia-wide basis from persons who have appropriate qualifications and have experience in conducting their proposed research or educational project.
  2. Each holder of a Research Award or Grant shall be required to carry out a study or investigation in a field relating to the objectives of the Foundation.
  3. The Yitpi Foundation Management Committee may from time to time make a grant for payment of salaries and travel expenses, purchase of equipment or consumable supplies or for any other purpose that the Committee shall think fit.
  4. The holder of a Research Award or Grant shall EITHER be staff or student of an organization which is an approved research institution with the approval of that organization, OR, staff of an organization that carries out research with the approval of that organization. The Yitpi Foundation Management Committee decision as to whether that organization is eligible for
    this scheme will be final.
  5. At the conclusion of the tenure of a Research Award or Grant the recipient(s) shall present to the Foundation a report on the study or investigation, and at least one image suitable for publication on our website. Any publications describing work that has been supported wholly or partly by the Foundation shall make acknowledgment of such support.
  6. In making the Research Award or Grant, the Management Committee shall have regard to the suitability of the applicant and the nature and location of the proposed project. The Research Award or Grant may be made subject to such conditions as it shall think fit but shall in any event reserve the right in its discretion to cancel suspend or defer payment under such award at any time if it is not satisfied with the conduct or work of the holder.
  7. A testimonial may be request from successful applicants.
  8. The Award may be held concurrently with grants from other sources provided that such a grant permits the purposes of the Award to be fulfilled. Applicants must advise of any other funding sources, or applications made or intended to be made for funding. Funding will only be made for prospective projects. No retrospective projects will be funded.

(Amended March 2023)


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