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About Yitpi Grants

The Foundation aims to encourage and promote research and education in the fields of crop science, particularly in relation to the wheat industry in southern Australia; and social science in linguistics of Australian languages and studies of the cultures of Australian Aborigines, particularly in relation to land usage.
Requests for <$15k will have greater chance of success but larger grants will be considered. Further, applications which have a high probability of having an impact on the relevant community in the short term will be given more favourable consideration.
The closing date for applications for the Research Award or Grants-in-Aid is 15 June 2023.


Grants awarded will fall within the three categories listed below;

  1. Crop science research
  2. Agricultural education
  3. Studies of the linguistics and culture of Australian Aboriginal peoples

Applications will be accepted on a southern Australia-wide basis. Applications with major impact in southern Australia from applicants outside of this area will also be accepted.

Read our guidelines and rules for applications here.


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