Guidelines for Grants


The Management Committee will endeavour to make awards or grants in each of the three areas –

    1. Crop science research
    2. Agricultural education
    3. Studies of the linguistics and culture of Australian Aboriginal peoples

The application should be no longer than 3 pages in length and cover the following:

    1. Title for the Research Award or Grant.
    2. A list of the Applicants together with their qualifications. Relevant CVs should be attached as an appendix to the application.
      1. Brief background to the proposed work,
      2. An outline of the procedures to be adopted or the studies to be undertaken,
      3. Anticipated practical outcomes from the research or studies must be described. How these will be made known to, and their likely impact on, the relevant farmers or communities and other stakeholders should be outlined.
    3. A summative budget for the proposed research or studies. Applications involving travel must include an appended itinerary.
    4. Nomination of two professional referees qualified to comment on the proposal, with their contact details including email address and phone number.
    5. Applications should, normally, be annual, but applications for renewal of projects which are progressing satisfactorily will be welcomed. Successful applicants should provide an annual report to the Management Committee in June of each year and a final report of at least 2 pages within 60 days of project completion. The community impact of the project should be described. Any publications that have been submitted as a result of the project should be attached to the final report and should acknowledge the Yitpi Foundation.
    6. Requests for <$15k will have a greater chance of success, but larger grants will be considered. Further, applications which have a high probability of having an impact on the relevant community in the short term will be given more favorable consideration.
    7. Applications should not be greater than three pages in length. The Management Committee reserves the right to interview applicants to clarify aspects of the application and to consult referees regarding the appropriateness and strength of the application and will not enter into discussions on their judgement.


  1. Applications will normally be received two times each year, in April and August, with notification of the success or otherwise of the applications in June and October. Out of session applications will be accepted where there is an immediate need. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

    Applications will be accepted until 24 April 2023, and, clearly marked for the Yitpi Foundation, should be emailed to with a copy to or posted to:

    Yitpi Foundation
    c/o Clarke and Brownrigg
    8 Angas Street
    KENT TOWN South Australia 5067

    The decision of the Management Committee will be final and successful applicants will be notified in writing.

    All successful applicants will be required to complete a contractual agreement to receive the funding.

    Any applicant who does not fulfil the requirements outlined above will be required to repay the funding amount within 14 days of being instructed to do so.


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